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A ‘Beaver Full Moon’ With Lunar Eclipse Happened This Morning—And Folks Took Some Stunning Photos – Good News Network

See photos of last night’s 2020 ‘full beaver moon’ and the penumbral lunar eclipse in these Instagram shots from around the globe.



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If you were up in the early hours of this morning, you may have noticed the full moon turning a shade or so darker and redder.
Thomas Lipke
What you were seeing is called a penumbral lunar eclipse. Caused by the moon dipping behind the Earths fuzzy penumbra, or outer shadow, this subtle shading effect peaked at 4:32 am ET November 30, whenaccording to NASA83% of the moon was in the shadow of our planet.
NASA has also given a list of the names Novembers full moon is known by: The Algonquin tribes…

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