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Werner Herzog: Elon Musk’s Mars city is a ‘mistake’ and an ‘obscenity’ – Business Insider – Business Insider

The filmmaker criticized Musk’s plan for a million-strong Martian settlement, telling Inverse that humans should “not be like the locusts.”



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Elon Musk is on a mission to make humans a multi-planetary species by building an independent city on Mars.
The billionaire tech mogul has said that the Starship spacecraft designed by his rocket company, SpaceX, could launch on its first flight to Mars as early as 2024. Eventually, he hopes that the rocket will shuttle people to the red planet en masse. His goal is to build a city of 1 million Martians by 2050.
Legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog thinks that would be “a mistake.”
“I think Elon Musk…

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